How can I obtain PERDUE® recipes?

There are multiple places where you can find great meal ideas on this site.


What is COOL?

Country of origin labeling.

Where are PERDUE® chickens raised and processed?

All of our chickens for sale to US customers are raised on US farms and processed at our plants here in the US. And we're 100% committed to keeping it that way.

Are any of your products processed out of the country?

All of our processing, further processing and cooking of our products sold in the US is done right here in the US. We proudly display that information on the packaging. We also use only our own chicken, raised on US farms. We do have operations in other countries, but those are to better serve our overseas customers. None of those products are brought back to the US.

Where do your other ingredients come from?

We purchase all of our ingredients from trusted suppliers. All of our chicken is our own US raised and processed chicken, and most other ingredients come from the US. However, a few ingredients, such as spices, are imported.

How do I cook PERDUE® products?

View our Chicken Cooking Guide or Turkey Cooking Guide. These guides provide an approximate cooking time for all PERDUE® products.

Where can I buy PERDUE® products in my area?

Our PERDUE® poultry products are generally sold from Maine to Florida and as far west as St. Louis. Occasionally you may find some distribution in other areas. While we would love to have all retailers carry our full line of PERDUE® chicken and turkey products, the final decision rests with the individual retailers and retail chains. Use our Product Locator to find where to purchase PERDUE® products near you.

How are PERDUE® chickens raised?

PERDUE® chickens are raised on local family farms, cage-free in temperature-controlled housing with fresh air ventilation. This protects them from the elements, disease and predators. They have constant access to food and water, periods of light and dark and room to move about freely.

Our poultry welfare program meets and exceeds the National Chicken Council’s “Poultry Care and Well-Being Guidelines” and incorporates our own best practices, including training for growers and all associates who handle live birds, air quality monitoring in chicken houses, ongoing audits by PERDUE® and customers and video monitoring of all areas in our plants where live birds are handled. As part of our USDA Process Verified Program, our farms and hatcheries are audited by the USDA for poultry welfare.

What do PERDUE® chickens and turkeys eat?

We feed our birds the finest natural grain products, including yellow corn, soybean meal, vitamins and mineral supplements.

Why are your chickens fed an all-vegetarian diet?

Most commercial animal feeds contain animal by-products, including such additives as bone meal and feather meal. PERDUE® chickens are raised on an all-vegetarian diet with none of the animal by-products commonly fed to chickens. We found this leads to a better tasting PERDUE® chicken.

Are PERDUE® branded chickens and turkeys fed genetically modified grains?

PERDUE® branded chickens are fed a diet that includes locally sourced corn and soybeans grown on family farms. Since more than 90% of the corn and 80% of the soybeans grown in the US are raised from genetically modified seeds, most conventional chicken feed, including that used for PERDUE® branded chickens, contains biotech grains.

Eating meat from a chicken raised on a diet that includes biotech grain doesn’t mean you’re consuming genetically modified ingredients. Genetically modified grains have been widely used in agriculture for the past 15 years, increasing yields and decreasing the need for chemical herbicides and pesticides, and providing nutritional benefits. During that time, science has found no link between human health and the consumption of meat from animals fed a diet that includes genetically modified grains, a position that is supported by the World Health Organization.

Do you give your chickens hormones?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines specifically prohibit the use of hormones in poultry feed. Perdue Farms, in keeping with FDA rules, uses no hormones in the exclusive feed mixture fed to our birds.The PERDUE® bird is our own breed and one of its natural characteristics is meatiness. In fact, our birds have been bred to possess a greater meat-to-bone ratio than any other available breeds. Thus, we have no need to employ artificial methods to make our birds meaty or otherwise increase their size. 

Are PERDUE® branded chickens raised using antibiotics?

We do not use antibiotics for growth promotion. In fact, we believe that antibiotics should not be used for growth promotion, to boost production or in place of responsible animal husbandry.

As a result of our emphasis on providing a healthy growing environment for our chickens, we do not need to rely on antibiotics to keep our chickens healthy. However, in keeping with our commitment to poultry welfare and providing wholesome products, our company’s team of veterinarians, who are board certified by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, may prescribe antibiotics when medically appropriate. These antibiotics are used in stringent accordance with FDA and USDA guidelines and only under the guidance of one of our veterinarians. We do not use antibiotics that are considered important to human health.

To prevent intestinal illness in chickens, we may also administer ionophores to PERDUE® chickens when medically appropriate. Ionophores are a type of antibiotic not used in human medicine and are not linked to concerns over antibiotic resistance in humans. The FDA and USDA have approved this use of ionophores.

All PERDUE® products are free of harmful residues as determined by routine USDA sampling.

Does Perdue use arsenic in its chicken feeds?

Perdue does not use arsenic, also known as Roxarsone, in its chicken feed. In 2007, we were among the first chicken companies to stop using it. We found that, through improved flock health programs and housing, we were able to provide healthy chickens without it.

Are PERDUE® products antibiotic free?

PERDUE® does not use antibiotics for growth promotion in our chickens. We use antibiotics as directed by our company's team of veterinarians, all of whom are board-certified by the American College of Poultry Veterinarians, in strict accordance with FDA and USDA guidelines. All PERDUE® products are free of harmful residues as determined by routine onsite USDA sampling.

Are PERDUE® chickens genetically modified?

Chickens and turkeys are not genetically modified. The meatiness of the PERDUE® chicken is the result of a natural process of selecting and crossbreeding birds with desirable traits.

How long can I keep poultry in the refrigerator?

Fresh, uncooked poultry purchased prior to or on its sell-by date is best kept in a home refrigerator for no more than two days.

Fully cooked chicken such as PERDUE® SHORT CUTS® Carved Chicken Breast purchased prior to its use or freeze-by date can remain fresh in the refrigerator through this date. Once this package is opened, it should be used within five days.

Is it okay to freeze chicken bought fresh, and for how long?

Yes. But remember to freeze poultry soon after shopping, if possible within half an hour. Check out our storage tips on the storage page in our Tips from the Kitchen section.

How do I defrost poultry properly?

Defrost chicken or turkey in the refrigerator, not on the counter, allowing 5 hours per pound. A PERDUE® OVEN STUFFER® Roaster or small turkey may take 2 to 3 days, a large turkey up to 4 or 5 days. For faster thawing, you can immerse wrapped poultry in cold water, changing the water every half hour, or use the microwave. When using the microwave, follow the manufacturer's recommendation and then cook immediately.


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